WHAT IS A HOA (Homeowners' Association)?
Believe it or not, you automatically became a member of the Fairway Pines at Pheasant Run HOA on the day you bought your home. Welcome to the neighborhood!! The HOA is governed by a set of documents including the Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs) and the Bylaws (which you can review on this website). The HOA's primary responsibility is to protect and enhance the health, safety and welfare of its members, including the homeowner's property. Did you know, that as of 2010 there are over 300,000 HOAs in the USA, which is extremely impressive when you consider that there are only 38,000 local governments in the USA. Each year your Association elects members to the Board of Directors. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to make decisions that protect your investment and the common area of the Association.

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The HOA is a legal entity. When you purchased your home, you in effect agreed to pay an annual assessment to the Association. Your assessment pays to maintain, improve and enhance the common areas of your subdivision and provides for the operation of your Association. In our subdivision, the entire lot and home is maintained by the homeowner. The Board of Directors' responsibility is maintenance of all common areas, such as parks and subdivision owned landscaping. Your assessment also pays for road maintenance, street signage, street lights, some side-walk, storm sewers and pond maintenance. The Board of Directors has the difficult job of trying to keep your assessment as low as possible and at the same time, keep the common areas maintained and in an attractive condition. What the Association does to improve or enhance the common areas affects the value of your home.

Curbside pick-up of residential yard waste begins early in the spring until early winter. Exact dates vary yearly and are published in the Canton Township Focus Newsletter. Currently our pick-up day is Thursday, however Holidays will cause the day to change. Detailed waste removal information can be found at the Canton Twp. website (www.canton-mi.org) under the Trash Collection tab. Acceptable yard waste items include: grass clippings, leaves, pruning debris, wood debris and brush. All containers to be marked "YARD WASTE" Unacceptable yard waste items include: food scraps, animal waste, batteries, chemicals, sod, dirt, clay Stickers for reusable containers are available at the Canton Treasurer's office or by calling GFL Enviromental @ (586) 772-8900.

Any modifications to the new construction outside of the home or lot, including paint color and/or landscaping changes require an approved Architecture Review and should be communicated and approved by the Board of Directors, prior to beginning construction. This ensures that all such construction is in line with the architectural guidelines of the subdivision and add to the value of the home and its surrounding homes.Welcome to Fairway Pines at Pheasant Run.